The Princess and the Pee

Now that the baby is sleeping well, I have no excuse. It's time to redirect my attention to Lulu for some go-big-or-go-home potty training. She will turn three in a few weeks, and ditching the diapers by then would be a splendid gift for all involved. Considering how uptight I can be, I've been surprisingly nonchalant about this. Over the past year and a half, we've gone through a few false-start attempts at potty training, but the sticker charts, pull-up diapers, and big-girl underpants had little effect. Last Monday, one of my coworkers reported that her daughter, who is younger than Lulu, had learned how to use the potty over the weekend. No problemo. Hearing this made me feel lazy. I suspect that if I put in the effort (like I did with Gus' sleep training), Lulu would catch on quickly. She's a smart girl. But I've had so much on my mind lately that it's seemed easier to change a few diapers than to play mind games with a preschooler.

I had every intention to go for it this weekend, but it didn't happen. Lulu woke up crabby on Saturday morning, so I chose the path of least resistance, which was delightful. By Sunday afternoon, however, I felt guilty that another weekend had come and gone with no progress. I  encouraged Lulu to try, and she spent a good amount of time sitting (and singing) on the potty while I finished making dinner. "This isn't so hard," I thought. As soon as she crawled down from her porcelain throne (without any success), I suggested that she leave her pants off so we could get her on the potty again quickly. I went back to cooking, and minutes later, she came running into the kitchen yelling, "I peed!"

Naturally, she had peed on her bedroom floor and left a trail of urine-soaked footprints across most of the house. We have a ways to go, but as soon as I get in the game mentally, I'm sure our girl will take to the potty like a natural. But I wonder: Am I just putting this off because it's a pain in the butt? Or, am I afraid that my baby is growing up?


In other news, I  spent my weekend running for Sherry, reading the quite entertaining comments on my recent Huffington Post pieces, going out for dinner with my man, and eating too many donuts.

I Want to Know

  • Do you have any great potty-training tips or stories?
  • Is there something that you've been putting off?

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